• General project.

    An Integrated Approach to Project.

    All Work Stages - architect & lead designer / Constructions & supervision.

    Work documentation.

  • Construction solutions of wide-span overlappings and coverings.

    Own development on the basis of the Know-how, existence of patents.

    Optimization of constructive decisions.

    Scientific and technical maintenance of construction.

    Statistical calculations of a framework of buildings

    Examination of project, technical and technological solutions.

  • Construction over existing buildings and constructions without their demolition and a stop of their maintenance.

    Use of own unique technologies and development of new decisions depending on features of the project.

    Introduction of modern engineering systems. Category GREEN BUILDINGS / LEED assignment.

  • Inspection of a technical condition of existing buildings and constructions with issue of the conclusion about a technical condition of object, development of constructive decisions both further coordination and the statement.